Hoffman Quintuplets 1+5= The 6-Pack

Hoffman Quintuplets 1+5= The 6-Pack
Babies getting big!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

What to expect in a day of a quintuplet parent!

Since coming down to AZ for initial medical care, it is ideal for them to stay with the same doctors for two years. They will be premature (even at 34 weeks) and they will require many follow-up visits. They are expected to be caught up with singleton children of the same age no later than two years old!    So as I'm stuck in the hospital in AZ, a move has happened from NJ to AZ.  This includes all of the baby gear!  The key to being a higher order multiple parent is organization!  This is just some of the items waiting for the babies.  Luckily, everything was organized before I went on  bed rest.  This merchandise was all donated, gifted, or bought by us on clearance, sale, or with coupons!  Thanks to everybody who helped support the quintuplets!  Mainly, diapers and wipes are the only things being stocked up on still...

What to expect in the day of the life of a quintuplet parent for the first six months:

4 baby girls
1 baby boy
40-50 bottles
120-150 ounces of breast milk
22 hours of dedicated pumping by Mommy
40-50 dirty diapers
1 box of wipes gone a day
1-2 loads of baby laundry (plus 2-3 loads of other household laundry)
5 baths
10 ears to wash behind
5 swings
5 bouncers
2 changing tables
2 rocking chairs/gliders
5 bassinets
40 burp cloths
10 blankets
10-15 outfits for babies
15 pacifiers
3 tummy time mats
50 fingers
50 toes painted with nail polish that match their  individual clipboards
5 clipboards, to record diaper changes, feedings, naps, activities, developmental milestones
5 beautiful smiles
25 minutes to feed/change/burp/comfort each baby, every 3 hours.
1 big brother to keep entertained, in sports, in school, and feeling special still.  He is for sure the best big brother ever already!

Pictures of some of the organization:

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