Hoffman Quintuplets 1+5= The 6-Pack

Hoffman Quintuplets 1+5= The 6-Pack
Babies getting big!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Last growth ultrasound before the birth and events starting to lead to an earlier delivery...

Since the last update, a lot has happened!  At the last time of the last post, I was doing well,  I was only getting daily injections of Terbutaline and other oral tocolytics to maintain my contractions at less than 3 an hour.  However, starting the next day, I was put on a high level of magnesium sulfate as a bolus and then on a continuous dosage.  The nurses said they had never seen such a high maintenance dose given and most moms who they have had on a lot lower dose could not function at all.  I was lucky since I was still able to move to use the rest room by myself slowly, and could still function.  At that point, my main complaint from the magnesium was feeling very warm constantly (I had a fan on high and air turned all the way down and was still on fire feeling).  I also had a burning sensation in my eyes that came and went.  Magnesium Sulfate is the "super drug" that is the last resort tocolytic since it is the most powerful.  I was put on it since the combination of the other drugs would not keep my contractions low.  I was averaging 8-12 regular contractions an hour.  These contractions were painful and I had them getting stronger for 13 weeks now! Talk about a long labor!  

At 30w4d (June 9,2014), I had another growth ultrasound, my twice a week biophysical profile ultrasound, and a cervical length measurement.
The babies weighed:
Baby A: 3lbs 13oz
Baby B: 3lbs 11oz
Baby C: 3lbs 5oz
Baby D: 3lbs 9oz
Baby E: 3lbs 11oz

They all scored well ranging 8/8 on the biophysical profile.  Occasionally, we would get a 6/8 from one not wanting to show off their practice breathing.  However, it is not alarming since we know they can do it since we've seen it done at other times.  Plus, there is "always one in every crowd" that does their own thing!  

My cervical length had shortened to 0.9, I was fully dilated above the cerclage, and my cervix was "paper thin".  At this point, I was placed on even more strict hospital bed rest.  

I was still looking forward to doing whatever was needed to get to the 34w1d scheduled c-section date of July 4th since I knew how amazing the outcome would be for all the babies!

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