Hoffman Quintuplets 1+5= The 6-Pack

Hoffman Quintuplets 1+5= The 6-Pack
Babies getting big!

Sunday, June 1, 2014


Hi! My name is Roxanna Hoffman.  My Mother always said that I have been in a rush through life.  I graduated high school when I was sixteen, had my oldest son and started college at seventeen, bought a house at eighteen, joined the military and became an EMT at nineteen, and was married at twenty-one. Personally. I have always worked really hard for all I have and am always striving for the next goal.  I met my husband in the military.  He is active duty military and just completed his Bachelor's degree! We had a beautiful, princess-like wedding on 1/1/11 at 1:11pm (suppose to be 1pm; however, we were delayed with my hair and it worked out perfectly)!  It incorporated a lot of family into it in many ways.  I loved this since I am very family orientated.  Currently, I am a nursing student that will have my nurse practitioner license within the next couple of years.  I also sell Pure Romance supplies since it is a great Girl's Night Out and helps provide for my family.  I have my plate pretty full right now but things are about to go on an even crazier adventure!  This is because I'm unexpectedly pregnant with quintuplets!  That's right fifty toes and fifty fingers are currently in my abdomen! I would love to share this journey with others to provide hope, strength, and support for whatever journey you find yourself aiming to achieve!

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