Hoffman Quintuplets 1+5= The 6-Pack

Hoffman Quintuplets 1+5= The 6-Pack
Babies getting big!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Positive Outlook and Goals for the Quintuplets first year!

Love that this past week's focus was wrapping up old things and creating new beginnings!  NJ is officially history as all stuff is moved from there and on it's way here!  The IL house is officially on the market for sale with a Realtor and looks amazing! Thanks to everybody's hard work for chipping in and making it look immaculate after the tenants left!  I've learned how much you can coordinate from a hospital bed hundreds of miles away from everything.  I also have learned to get rid of any negative people from my life and any "friends" who turned out not to be so... I learned to let go of control and fully trust others (who I know have my back always) for help when needed.  This is hard for me since I like taking over the job! My car is on the selling market too! Thanks Mom for getting it ready to sell.  Overall, it has been a stressful but awesome week! This week I've done a lot of thinking and made a bunch of goals to accomplish by the time the quintuplets turn one!  I can't wait to meet the babies and  start tackling the goals! I have also finished most of my "Type A to do project list" this week.  I even had time to be crafty (something I am not) and make the babies adorable name tags for their individual isolates!  Sorry can't show the names until big brother, Conner, gets to help decide which baby gets which name!  The house is rented in AZ and waiting to be set up for the 6-pack! The doctors have said nesting instinct is definitely kicking in for me...so game on let's do this (from my personal office, the hospital bed, of course haha)!

Some goals for the first year with the 6-pack:
-Have all quintuplets healthy, solely breastfeed, on a "normal" developmental scale, and sleeping through the night!
-Be a hands on mommy to Conner, work with him daily on extra school stuff, sports, and fun stuff!
-Finish getting out of debt.  I'm getting there!
-Jump start my Pure Romance Business in AZ!
-Finish nursing school and one other degree (I've finished two degrees since bed rest)!
-Take exam/Get a great Nursing job!
-Hit goal weight (125 lbs), tone up after quints, and get the family clean eating!
-Run a 10k with the 6-pack!

This is in addition to the daily tasks of having a 6-Pack at home.  Hopefully, these can happen.  I want to show myself, the 6-pack, and others the sky is the limit :)

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